Community Development District
Reclaimed Water System Improvements Project

 Reclaimed Water Improvements Project Description

The Riverwood Community Development District (RCDD) is seeking bids from experienced contractors to construct improvements to their existing reclaimed water system in an effort to convert from potable to reclaimed water for their irrigation needs. The first part of the project will include the construction of an 8" approximately 4,600 linear foot pipeline from Charlotte County Utility’s (CCU) reclaimed water transmission main, located at the northwest corner of State Road 776 and Willow Bend Road, to the existing reclaimed water storage pond located on the south side of the existing water treatment plant. The pipeline will include fittings, valves, joint restraints, and other appurtenances. A delivery facility (filling station) composed of a meter pad, still well and level sensor, a remote telemetry unit antenna, and a control panel will be located between the pipeline and the storage pond. The above ground meter pad will include concrete, piping, fittings, valves, a valve actuator, a flow meter, and an air release valve. Its function will be to measure the volume of reclaimed water the RCDD consumes. The function of the still well and level sensor will be to monitor and regulate storage pond depths between minimum and maximum stage elevations. An easement will be dedicated to CCU for both the pipeline and delivery facility to own and operate perpetually. This part of the project, named Reclaimed Water Interconnect with Charlotte County Utilities, has been funded separately through the Southwest Florida Water Management District’s (SWFWMD) Cooperative Funding Department as project N327.

The second part of the project, named Reclaimed Water System Expansion, has been funded through SWFWMD as project N346. It includes constructing a pump station with intake structure and filtration system, connection piping to isolated subdivisions, valves, subdivision meters, individual home meters, and other appurtenances. Once all improvements have been constructed, the cross connection assemblies or "jumpers" (large backflow assemblies) that pressurize the reclaimed system with potable water will need to be severed by demolishing and removing pipe sections and closing existing valves.

An irrigation watering schedule, based on historic demands and hydraulic modeling, will be used to deliver the reclaimed water to RCDD residents. The flow rate is anticipated to be approximately 600 gallons per minute, provided two days per week of watering, and included one day per week of complete shutdown for maintenance.